January 18, 2022

What are you waiting for?

Snowmobiling is now !

Have fun and be careful, especially on the TQ83 portion towards Clova, Wabash Sector, FORESTRY OPERATIONS IN PROGRESS ON 15km… “Pads” have been set up for your safety, Go easy because there are not many signs and you won’t always see truck exits on week days there is transport.

ADN trails are officially opened 


Parent – Wemotaci – Casey (TQ83 R345) – Condition: GROOMING TONIGHT
Parent – Fer à Cheval (TQ1S3 TQ-33) Condition: GROOMING TONIGHT
Fer à Cheval Mitchinamecus (TQ13) – Condition: GROOMED EXCELLENT
Parent – Clova (TQ83) – Condition: GROOMING TOMORROW
For accommodation we strongly advise you to call our hosts, the magicians of the forest. Do not get here like a hair on the soup you might be disappointed!
Have a good season and be careful!
Team ADN